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Steel Making

Robert Mushet
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The Thermo-couple
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Rate Of Cooling
At the option of the manufacturer, the above treatment of gea...

Annealing In Bone
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Composition And Properties Of Steel
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Compensating Leads
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Shrinking And Enlarging Work
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Cyanide Bath For Tool Steels
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Tempering Round Dies
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Leeds And Northrup Optical Pyrometer
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Piston Pin
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Open Hearth Process
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Steel Before The 1850's
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Quenching The Work
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Introduction Of Carbon
The matter to which these notes are primarily directed is the...

Properties Of Alloy Steels
The following table shows the percentages of carbon, manganes...

It is considered good practice to quench alloy steels from th...



The material used for all gears on the Liberty engine was selected
at the option of the manufacturer from the following standard S.
A. E. steels, the composition of which are given in Table 12,


Steel No X-3,340 6,140
Carbon, minimum 0.350 0.350
Carbon, maximum 0.450 0.450
Manganese, minimum 0.450 0.500
Manganese, maximum 0.750 0.800
Phosphorus, maximum 0.040 0.040
Sulphur, maximum 0.045 0.045
Nickel, minimum 2.750
Nickel, maximum 3.250
Chromium, minimum 0.700 0.800
Chromium, maximum 0.950 1.100
Vanadium, minimum 0.150

All gears were heat-treated to a scleroscope hardness of from 55
to 55. The heat treatment used to secure this hardness consisted
in quenching the forgings from a temperature of 1,550 to 1,600 deg.F.
in oil and annealing for good machineability at a temperature of
from 1,300 to 1,350 deg.F. Forgings treated in this manner showed a
Brinell hardness of from 177 to 217.

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