Hints For Tool Steel Users

: The Working Of Steel

Do not hesitate to ask for information from the maker as to the

best steel to use for a given purpose, mentioning in as much detail

as possible the use for which it is intended.

Do not heat the steel to a higher degree than that fixed in the

description of each class. Never heat the steel to more than a

cherry red without forging it or giving it a definite heat treatment.

Heating steel at even moderate te
perature is liable to coarsen the

grain which can only be restored by forging or by heat treating.

Let the forging begin as soon as the steel is hot enough and never

let tool steel soak in the fire. Continue the hammering vigorously

and constantly, using lighter blows as it cools off, and stopping

when the heat becomes a very dull red or a faint brown.

Should welding be necessary care should be taken not to overheat

in order to make an easy weld. Keep it below the sparkling point

as this indicates that the steel is burnt.

Begin to forge as soon as the welds are put together, taking care

to use gentle strokes at first increasing them as the higher heat

falls, but not overdoing the hammering when the steel cools. The

hammering should be extended beyond the welding point and should

continue until the dull red or brown heat is reached.