Instructions For Working High-speed Steel

: The Working Of Steel

Owing to the wide variations in the composition of high-speed steels

by various makers, it is always advisable to follow the directions

of each when using his brand of steel. In the absence of specific

directions the following general suggestions from several makers

will be found helpful.

The Ludlum Steel Company recommend the following:

CUTTING-OFF.--To cut a piece from an annealed bar, cut off with

a hack saw, milling cutter or circular saw. Cut clear through the

bar; do not nick or break. To cut a piece from an unannealed bar,

cut right off with an abrasive saw; do not nick or break. If of

large cross-section, cut off hot with a chisel by first slowly

and uniformly heating the bar, at the point to be cut, to a good

lemon heat, 1,800 deg.-1,850 deg.F. and cut right off while hot; do not nick

or break. Allow the tool length and bar to cool before reheating

for forging.