Blending The Compound

: The Working Of Steel

Essentially, this consists of the sturdy, power-driven separator

and fanning mill which separates the foreign matter from the compound

and elevates it into a large settling basin which is formed by

the top of the steel housing that incloses the apparatus. After

reaching the settling basin, the compound falls by gravity into

a power-driven rotary mixing tub which is directly beneath the

settling basin. Here the blending
is done by mixing the proper

amount of various grades of material together. After blending the

compound, it is ready to be stored in labeled containers and delivered

to the packing room.

It will be seen that by this simple system there is the least possible

loss of energy from the compound. The saving commences the moment

the cooling cart is covered and preserves the valuable dust which is

saved by the oiling and the settling basin of the blending machine.

Then, too, there is the added convenience of the packers who have

a thoroughly cleaned, dustless, and standardized product to work

with. Of course, this also tends to insure uniformity in the

case-hardening operation.

With this outfit, one man cleans and blends as much compound in

one hour as he formerly did in ten.