Uses Of The Various Tempers Of Carbon Tool Steel

: The Working Of Steel

DIE TEMPER.--No. 3: All kinds of dies for deep stamping, pressing

and drop forgings. Mining drills to harden only. Easily weldable.

SMITHS' TOOL TEMPER.--No. 3-1/2: Large punches, minting and rivet

dies, nailmakers' tools, hammers, hot and cold sets, snaps and

boilermakers' tools, various smiths' tools, large shear blades,

double-handed chisels, caulking tools, heading dies, masons' tools

and tools for ge
eral welding purposes.

SHEAR BLADE TEMPER.--No. 4: Punches, large taps, screwing dies,

shear blades, table cutlery, circular and long saws, heading dies.


GENERAL PURPOSE TEMPER.--No. 4-1/2: Taps, small punches, screwing

dies, sawwebs, needles, etc., and for all general purposes. Weldable.

AXE TEMPER.--No. 5: Axes, chisels, small taps, miners' drills and

jumpers to harden and temper, plane irons. Weldable with care.

CUTLERY TEMPER.--No. 5-1/2: Large milling cutters, reamers, pocket

cutlery, wood tools, short saws, granite drills, paper and tobacco

knives. Weldable with very great care.

TOOL TEMPER.--No. 6: Turning, planing, slotting, and shaping tools,

twist drills, mill picks, scythes, circular cutters, engravers'

tools, surgical cutlery, circular saws for cutting metals, bevel

and other sections for turret lathes. Not weldable.

HARD TOOL TEMPER.--No. 6-1/2: Small twist drills, razors, small

and intricate engravers' tools, surgical instruments, knives. Not


RAZOR TEMPER.--No. 7: Razors, barrel boring bits, special lathe

tools for turning chilled rolls. Not weldable.