The Penetration Of Carbon

: The Working Of Steel

Carburized mild steel is used to a great extent in the manufacture

of automobile and other parts which are likely to be subjected to

rough usage. The strength and ability to withstand hard knocks

depend to a very considerable degree on the thoroughness with which

the carburizing process is conducted.

Many automobile manufacturers have at one time or another passed

through a period of unfortunate breakages, or have found that for

a certain period the parts turned out of their hardening shops

were not sufficiently hard to enable the rubbing surfaces to stand

up against the pressure to which they were subjected.

So many factors govern the success of hardening that often this

succession of bad work has been actually overcome without those

interested realizing what was the weak point in their system of

treatment. As the question is one that can create a bad reputation

for the product of any firm it is well to study the influential

factors minutely.