Suggestions For Handling High-speed Steels

: The Working Of Steel

The following suggestions for handling high-speed steels are given

by a maker whose steel is probably typical of a number of different

makes, so that they will be found useful in other cases as well.

These include hints as to forging as well as hardening, together

with a list of dont's which are often very useful. This applies

to forging, hardening of lathe, slotting, planing and all similar


and larger is usually mild finished, and can be cut in a hack saw.

If cut off hot, be sure to heat the butt end slowly and thoroughly

in a clean fire. Rapid and insufficient heating invariably cracks

the steel. If you want to stamp the end with the name of the steel,

it is necessary that this is done at a good high orange color heat,

as it is otherwise apt to split the steel. (Take your time, do

not hurry.)]