Pyrometers For Molten Metal

: The Working Of Steel

Pyrometers for molten metal are connected to portable thermocouples

as in Fig. 132. Usually the pyrometer is portable, as shown in

this case, which is a Brown. Other methods of mounting for this

kind of work arc shown in Figs. 133 and 134. The bent mountings

are designed for molten metal, such as brass or copper and are

supplied with either clay, graphite or carborundum tubes. Fifteen

feet of connecting wire is usually supplied.

The angle mountings, Fig. 134, are recommended for baths such as

lead or cyanide. The horizontal arm is usually about 14 in. long,

and the whole mounting is easily taken apart making replacements

very easy. Details of the thermo-couple shown in Fig. 132 are given

in Fig. 135. This is a straight rod with a protector for the hand

of the operator. The lag in such couples is less than one minute.

These are Englehard mountings.