Forging High-speed Steel

: The Working Of Steel

Heat very slowly and carefully to from 1,800

to 2,000 deg.F. and forge thoroughly and uniformly. If the forging

operation is prolonged do not continue forging the tool when the

steel begins to stiffen under the hammer. Do not forge below 1,700 deg.F.

(a dark lemon or orange color). Reheat frequently rather than prolong

the hammering at the low heats.

After finishing the forging allow the tool to cool as slowly as

possible in lime or dry ashes; avoid placing the tool on the damp

ground or in a draught of air. Use a good clean fire for heating.

Do not allow the tool to soak at the forging heat. Do not heat any

more of the tool than is necessary in order to forge it to the

desired shape.