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Quenching Tool Steel
Standard Analysis
Rate Of Cooling
Preventing Carburizing By Copper-plating
Annealing Alloy Steel
Double Annealing
Quenching The Work
Preparing Parts For Local Case-hardening
Liberty Motor Connecting Rods
Air-hardening Steels
Calibration Of Pyrometer With Common Salt
Non-shrinking Oil-hardening Steels
Bessemer Process
Pyrometers For Molten Metal
Steel Worked In Austenitic State
Mushet And Bessemer
Hardening High-speed Steels
High-carbon Machinery Steel
Annealing To Relieve Internal Stresses
Introduction Of Carbon
Restoring Overheated Steel
Heat Treatment Of Axles
Heating Of Manganese Steel
William Kelly's Air-boiling Process
Uses Of The Various Tempers Of Carbon Tool Steel
Refining The Grain
For Milling Cutters And Formed Tools

Steel Making

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Composition And Properties Of Steel
Surface Carburizing
The Penetration Of Carbon
Cyanide Bath For Tool Steels
Piston Pin
Typical Oil-fired Furnaces
Restoring Overheated Steel
Non-shrinking Oil-hardening Steels
Carbon Tool Steel
A Satisfactory Luting Mixture
Rate Of Absorption
Heat Treatment Of Lathe Planer And Similar Tools
Optical System And Electrical Circuit Of The Leeds & Northrup Optical Pyrometer
Heat Treatment Of Punches And Dies Shears Taps Etc

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Quenching The Work
Temperature For Annealing
Annealing In Bone
Heat Treatment Of Punches And Dies Shears Taps Etc
Correction By Zero Adjustment
Hardening High-speed Steel
Judging The Heat Of Steel
Separating The Work From The Compound
The Effect
The Effect Of Tempering On Water-quenched Gages
Pickling The Forgings
Testing And Inspection Of Heat Treatment
Temperature Recording And Regulation
High Speed Steel
Cutting-off Steel From Bar
Steel Before The 1850's
High-carbon Machinery Steel
The Penetration Of Carbon
Using Illuminating Gas
Suggestions For Handling High-speed Steels